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A podcast where we go behind the vine to uncork the stories of local Oregon winemakers, hosted by Heidi Moore, sponsored by Country Financial, produced by The Daydream Agency.


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Welcome to my space online where I gather with local Oregon winemakers, to unmask the stories behind the vine. Thanks for joining us!

Our approach to wine is casual and conversational as we uncork the stories behind the vine with winemakers from the Willamette Valley. We talk about origin stories, to terroir, to farm animal antics! Tune into Season 4, subscribe, and say hello on the socials. Cheers!

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Season 4

Episode 8
Domaine Divio & Cho Wines

Welcome back Wine Crush Podcast supporters! Episode 8, of Season 4 is out now! Featuring Domaine Divio (our first french winemaker!), and Cho Wines from the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Wine Crush Podcast strives to feature wineries of all sizes, we believe all stories are unique and deserve to be told, over a glass of wine that is!

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 Catch up on Season 4 below, our last episode of the season is August 26th! Give them a listen, download, and enjoy!

Season 5 will launch November 4th, 2021 



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Andante Vineyard & Corollary Wines

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Crew Work Wines & Holloran Vineyard Wines

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