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Andante Vineyards
& Corollary Wines

Wine Crush Podcast is hosted by Heidi Moore, a wine enthusiast and winery/agriculture insurance agent with Country Financial. She’s Oregon raised with an agriculture background that lends to her adult-life-love for viticulture. Thank you to our primary show sponsor, Country FinancialListen and learn below! Cheers!

Welcome back Wine Crush Podcast supporters! Episode 7, of Season 4 is out now! Bubbles, and the Van Duzer Corridor AVA and the winds that come with it, is what this episode is all about! Please join us in welcoming Andante Vineyard and Corollary Wines to the podcast! Sit back and enjoy the show, grab a glass and sip along with us!

Read below for more about our Oregon Wine Country guests. 

Wines from our Guests:

Corollary Wines


Andante Vineyard

Winery Bios


Corollary Wines


Jeanne and Dan – Winegrowers/Owners

When most people think of “bubbles”, they think of drinking mimosas with all their girlfriends at brunch. Before meeting Dan and Jean, I thought the same. But from now on, when I think “bubbles”, I’m going to think Corollary Wines.

This isn’t your run of the mill champagne-style wine that can be mixed with a fruit juice. These bubbles are intended and recommended to be paired with food; Dan and Jean’s intent with their wine is to bring bubbles back to the table with any meal… Even fried chicken! This interesting couples talks with such passion and knowledge about their wine that you can’t help but crave a nice, crisp glass of carbonated wine while talking to them. During this episode we certainly did!

When talking with Dan and Jean you can feel the love for their wine; it’s palpable. Even though they grew up in Oregon, they both traveled and went their separate ways for a few years. It wasn’t until they met and fell in love that they found out that winemaking was their true calling. They eventually moved back to Oregon and found a true sense of community in the wine-world.

This power couple approaches wine making the same way they approach life; through excitement and passion. You can feel that when you experience their take on the traditional-style Champagne wine.

Andante Vineyard


Karen Saul – Owner
Erin Percheron – Assistant Winemaker
Brandon Correa – Vine to Wine Principal

The feeling you get when you visit Andante Vineyard is to leave feeling as if you’ve made a new friend. There’s such a strong relationship built between Karen, Joe, Erin, Brandon and the rest of the team that you know whenever you go to a wine tasting, you’ll be embraced by a welcoming, family-culture that they have curated specifically for you.

With the completion of their new tasting room in just a short month or so, you’re bound to have an experience when you bring your group to Andante’!

At their property located in the brand-new Van Duzer Corridor, you won’t only find a remarkable selection of quality wine, but you’ll also find individuals with a love for all art – especially music! Andante’s name is based off a musical term meaning, “a walking pace tempo”.

This is the feeling that they bring to you when you visit. An opportunity to take a breather, enjoy the beautiful world around you and the outstanding wine that they have to offer.

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Learn more about our partners:

Biscuit and Pickles Catering

Meet Dustin Joseph, an organic Executive Chef who specializes in farm-to-table cuisine. His passion for food has taken him around the continent on a culinary expedition, landing him in the Pacific Northwest. His infamous wine dinners, partnered with local wineries, have given him the opportunity to create pairings that delight like none other. 

Biscuit and Pickles teams up with local farms to bring you the best flavors Oregon has to offer.

All of their menus are planned with a seasonal focus. Being fresh and organic is the just the bonus. Areas they are are: Portland Metro area, Salem, Woodburn, Vancouver, McMinnville, and the Willamette Valley Wine Country.

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