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Trout Lily Ranch &
De la boue Wines

Wine Crush Podcast is hosted by Heidi Moore, a wine enthusiast and winery/agriculture insurance agent with Country Financial. She’s Oregon raised with an agriculture background that lends to her adult-life-love for viticulture. Thank you to our primary show sponsor, Country FinancialListen and learn below! Cheers!

Welcome back Wine Crush Podcast supporters! Episode 3, of Season 4 is out now! Featuring Trout Lily Ranch, and De la boue Wines. 

We always have so much fun being able to bring in smaller producers who equally deserve the love as the larger enterprises. Trout Lily Ranch has been around for two generations, but De la Boue is brand new – producing Pinot Noir from the Chehalem mountains, and Syrah from the Columbia Gorge. 

At the studio:
We had the pleasure of tasting of Trout Lily Ranch’s  2017 Adams Pinot Noir Reserve + 2019 Vin Gris, and De la Boue’s Syrah and Pinot Noir. 

Winery Bios


Trout Lily Ranch 


Fanny Adams, Kelly Kidneigh – Winemaker

Native Oregonians Carol and Peter Adams planted their vineyard on the south side of Chehalem Mountains in 1976, one of the first in the region. Five years later, in 1981, the couple picked the grapes for their first bottling of pinot noir and chardonnay. The same year, production of the wine moved to a small building in the industrial area of northwest Portland. Eventually sauvignon blanc was added to the repertoire, with grapes purchased from the Croft vineyard in Dallas, Oregon.

In 1995, the winery sold to Paul Hart and Jan Jacobson of Rex Hill. For the next ten years, the Adams leased their vineyard to Rex Hill, at which time they began working with vineyard manager Stirling Fox.

In 2008 they returned to wine production with a new name and a new label: Trout Lily Ranch. They then brought on Kelly Kidneigh as the winemaker, where they now produce wine Andanté Vineyard in Dallas, Oregon. 

Winemaking Approach:
Kelly began her career working for various wineries in the Willamette Valley and Burgundy, France, and uses a Burgundian approach to winemaking. 

De La Boue Wines


Travis Todd – Winemaker

“A longing for simpler times”, is what De la Boue means. 

2019 was their first vintage, so we’re ecstatic to try these so early on! They make wine that highlights the incredible Oregon wilderness and believe a simple approach to wine making yields complexity. “Nature has already perfected what we are doing, we are just adding some muddied helping hands. We strive to make wine to be poured for your moment and we would love to share it with you.”

"From the mud, through our hands, to your table."

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Major thanks to Ricky at Pura Vida for keeping our bellies full for post-show nosh! Pura Vida is our culinary partner who just so happens to be two doors down from our studio, here in Downtown McMinnville! They’re currently open for take-out food and cocktails. For all your Latin-American food cravings, head on over to PURAVIDAMAC.COM to browse their menu and place your orders online. 

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