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Wine Crush Podcast is hosted by Heidi Moore, a wine enthusiast and winery/agriculture insurance agent with Country Financial. She’s born and raised in Tillamook, Oregon! Thank you to our primary show sponsor, Country Financial.

Welcome to the premiere of Wine Crush Season 4! Launched on January 8th, 2021. We brought in the 3 sisters of Nomen Wine (part of the Distaff Wine company), and Evans from Begllingar Estates. Listen and learn below! Cheers!

Thanks for being here to ring in not only the new year of 2021, but the premiere of Season 4!  I talk with local winemakers to share their colorful stories behind the vine. We recorded for the first time in our brand new studio, at our downtown McMinnville office, and while we are working out some kinks, so thank you for your patience as we continue to develop & sound treat our recording studio. 

Winery Bios


Sisters Moira, Maisie, and Brigid O’Reilly of Nomen Wine & Distaff Wine

Evan (and Kim) Bellingar of Bellingar Estates


Nomen Wine

Nomen Wine is based in Newberg part of the Distaff Wine company, a work and passion of women – a team consisting of our mom and sisters. These ladies grew up in the vineyard and truly have been a part of the industry since they were young. Their father has been making wine since the 80’s, and both of their parents have owned and operated wineries in the Pacific Northwest. From pulling weeds, planting vines and sorting grapes to lab analysis, running tasting rooms and marketing and selling wines these ladies have done it all.

Their unique packaging is just one of the many reasons that sets them apart from the rest. They use PET bottles for a sustainable approach to bottling and as an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. They learned that experts estimate upwards of 60 percent of the wine industry’s contributions to carbon emissions have to do with making and transporting glass bottles.

We truly appreciate a younger generation’s perspective on making our world a little bit more eco friendly. Thank you Nomen Wine for all that you’re doing! Reserve your tasting and shop Nomen Wine below.

"These bottles are also 90% lighter than glass bottles, 100% recyclable, and account for 77% less greenhouse gas emissions. Lightweight and shatterproof, they travel well and inexpensively!"

- Nomen Wine

Bellingar Estates

Bellingar Estates is also based in Newberg, Oregon. “Warrior’s Rest Vineyard” sits in Oregon’s Chehalem Valley, just west of Newberg and just south of the Chehalem Mountains. 

Evan’s style of wine started as a “Garagistes ” style, pronounced “(gar-uh-zheest)”, which is a French term used to describe independent, artisan winemakers handcrafting small batches of wine on their own and not yet discovered by the mainstream. After more than a decade making artisanal wine in the garagiste style, the time came to take the leap to a grander enterprise. 2014 brought not only their first commercial vintage, but the latest generation of Bellingars.

In addition to Bellingar’s vineyard and brand new tasting room, they have “The Bungalows at Bellingar Estates”! It sits not far off of North Valley Road in Newberg. You are in the heart of the wine country region with tasting rooms and vineyards in every direction. It is just a short jaunt to some of the most incredible food and wine in the area. Just next door is ‘The Old Schoolhouse’. It is an incredible venue for weddings, receptions, and other events.

Head on over to Bellingar’s website to learn more  and check out the wine!

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Pura Vida Cocina

Major thanks to Ricky at Pura Vida for keeping our bellies full for post-show nosh! Pura Vida is our culinary partner who just so happens to be two doors down from our studio, here in Downtown McMinnville! They’re currently open for take-out food and cocktails. For all your Latin-American food cravings, head on over to PURAVIDAMAC.COM to browse their menu and place your orders online. 

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