A live stream cooking show featuring a series of local chefs and winemakers out of the
Oregon Wine Country

Welcome back to Pair it Up for our second show! Sponsored by Country Financial, hosted by yours truly: Heidi Moore! We’ll be live streaming a short culinary and wine series featuring one local chef and winemaker per show, out of the simplicity of my own kitchen in the Oregon Wine Country. Next up: Chris James Cellars + Pura Vida Cocina.

We invite you to tune in and either cook with us, or just watch and gather ideas to make on your own! For those who choose to cook with us, we’ll be providing the ingredients for each show, along with where to buy the wine. (see below)

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Appetizer: Ceviche de Salmon



Blend All the Leche de Tigre Ingredients in Blender and hold
2. Pour Leche de Tigre over Sliced Salmon for 2-6 Minutes depends on how cooked you like your ceviche
3. Drain Leche de Tigre and set aside
4. Place Salmon in Chilled Bowl
5. Garnish with Avocado, Red Onions and Cilantro
6. Pour Leche de Tigre around Ceviche

Main Dish: Lomo Saltado

Peruvian Beef Sirloin Stir Fry, Green Onion, Tomatoes, Spicy Soy Ginger Sauce, Fries, and White Rice


Cut the beef across the grain into roughly 1/2-inch thick strips.
2. In a large cast iron heat 2 tablespoons of oil over high heat until heavily smoking.
3. Season beef all over with salt.
4. Add just enough beef to the pan to sear, 30 seconds to 1 minute. Stir and toss beef so that it cooks all over, about 30
seconds longer. Transfer beef to a platter to rest. Repeat with remaining beef if it didn’t all fit.
5. When all the beef is cooked, return the empty pan to high heat. Add 1 tablespoon oil and heat until smoking , add just
enough red onion so that it sears and browns rapidly without steaming Repeat with remaining onion
6. Return the empty pan to high heat, add 1 tablespoon oil, and heat until smoking, add scallions and peppers and stir until
7. Push scallions and peppers to the side and add tomatoes to the pan, allowing them to sear on one side, about 30
8. Add garlic and ginger and cook, tossing and stirring constantly, Add soy sauce and vinegar and toss to combine.
9. Return beef and all accumulated juices to the pan along with the red onions. Add cilantro. Toss over high heat to combine
well, seasoning with salt and pepper as you go. Remove from heat and serve.

The Wine

By Chris James Cellars 

A message from Chris James Cellars: “This wine is one of our first “big reds” that we’ve produced and we’re very happy with the results! This wine is 100% Malbec from the Columbia Valley. The 2017 fruit from the Columbia Valley arrived slightly more ripe than the Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley and as a result this wine is very nicely balanced with intense fruit-forward flavors and aromatics. During barrel aging, the lees with stirred frequently to build silky texture in the wine.

Tasting Notes for Malbec: Aromas of jammy black and blue berry, violet flowers with subtle coffee and chocolate notes. On the palate, intense and lingering flavors of black berry and plum with hints of spice and dark chocolate on the finish. Beautiful dark purple color.”

Tasting notes for Rosé: Aromas of mango, guava, and bubblegum. Flavors of nectarine, strawberry and a hint of grapefruit.

Your Host

Heidi Moore, your wine loving podcast host and Wine Insurance agent with Country Financial! I started Wine Crush Podcast to explore the wine cultures of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho where my passion stems from growing up in an Agriculture centric home. I truly love to be out in the country, on the water, and out in the field building relationships with people.

The Chef

Ricky from Pura Vida in McMinnville!

Pura Vida Cocina opened in July 2013 and is located in McMinnville’s award winning downtown on the historic 3rd street.

Since then, chef Ricardo Antúnez has been delivering high quality interpretations of classic Latin American dishes.

The Winemakers

Meet Chris and Bethany! Chris James Cellars is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery that produces unique and interesting wines in Carlton, Oregon. We produced our first wines in 2015 and have since grown to offer a wide selection of whites, reds and sparkling wines. Our approach to white wines is to emphasize and preserve the varietal aromatics, flavor and acidity. In red wines we seek to develop intense flavors through harvest decisions and wine-making techniques during fermentation; we focus on mouthfeel and silky texture during maturation.


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